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Lets continue this bread.

Day 15: Favorite Origin Story

This answer needs no introduction.



What can I say?

The origin of PasuPare is arguably one of the most interesting stories in Bandori. From a "Fake Idol Band" that was only created for the aesthetic to an actual and functional Band that has since created numerous catchy songs of their own without having the need to play pretend. It revisits the Idol Anime Story and puts its own twist on how things play out. From ignorant Producers and Staff to Chisato's disillusionment with Japan's entertainment industry (which by itself is far more corrupt than North Korea imho), the story gives the Band a lot more than just being another Idol Group.

The story also provides a catalyst for Roselia's Band story as well as numerous events as Hina's insane guitar skills are made known to the public for the first time.

My favorite part about the whole story is how Chisato went from a disillusioned Idol who has seen things she probably shouldn't have seen to a person who really wants to continue to play with the band. It really makes her a likable character and paves way for even more development later on in certain event stories.

I really enjoyed it and I also loved how S2 of the Bandori anime slightly references PasuPare's first failed concert.

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[ day sixteen of okusawamiikun's 30 day challenge || best lim gacha ]


yeah bet you never saw this coming

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19th day of the Bandori 30 day Challenge posted by okusawamiikun

Day 19: Favorite Costume Set:


The Clash X Time costumes are by far my favorite costumes, 80-90 rock dressing style is my weakness <3 Rinko is my favorite in this.

February 19, 2019 20:21:47 +0000 (UTC)

Day 23/30: Favorite main vocals Ranran. Babey. powerful voice from a tiny body. i love you...

Day 23/30: Favorite main vocals

Ranran. Babey. powerful voice from a tiny body. i love you your voice is adorable and gorgeous at the same time

I'm a full 20 cm taller than them so they're tiny to me shh
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So, I thought that I should share my personal tips for Full Comboing, since I find myself to be quite good at it and wanted to maybe help other people do it. (Specifically EX, but I think it's viable for any difficulty.) (Of course, this may not help everybody.)

First of all, let's make one thing very clear:

You will fail, a lot.

You will one-miss and one-good so much that you may lose count, and that's fine. Yes, it will feel horrible, especially if it's a song you've tried to FC for a while and you miss a flick right before the end. (I should know, it happened to me three minutes ago.)

So, now that we've established that we will fail, what can you do to make sure that you may not fail as often?

  • Settings. Adjust them. Note size, note speed, all of it. Change it. Experiment with it. As long as you find something which works for you, it should be fine. Note that it might not stay the same, I currently play with 200% note size, but I have played with notes as small as 110%, because my problems and style of playing changed. (In this case, my problem went from having problem with sliders, to not hitting notes because my finger missed them, meaning I had to optimize my chances of hitting them.)

  • Use your healers and perfect locks, please. I know it might seem cheap, but I have been saved by PLs so many times that I sometimes value them more than I value scorers. They help. Sadly, the way that skill activation works in GaruPa doesn't completely help against bads and goods, but the little extra help surely isn't unwanted.

  • Practice. Practice. PRACTICE. As much as I don't really like spamming songs only for FCs (Yes, I'm a hypocrite, I've done it a bunch of times), it's a good way to learn the beatmap and make sure that you know which parts are tricky and where you can take it easier. Healers are recommended here because it's better to survive the song and know the entirety of the beatmap rather than no healers and failing in the middle of the chorus. So spam your songs, practice them, figure that beatmap out.

  • Specifically about those pesky flicknotes. We all hate them. So here's my Golden Rule of Thumb: NEVER STOP FLICKING. I'm taking Opera of The Wasteland and ONENESS as my examples here because they're great for getting my point across. (If you don't know their beatmaps, look them up.) There's a specific part in ONENESS where there will be double notes, where one will be a flick, and one will be a normal tap note, these will come in a series of around 5-7 after each other, and you might think that it's fine to only flick the side that's a flick. Don't. This will screw you over if you're not very careful. Treat them like a normal double-flick. Flick both of them, and continue flicking until the series has ended. Speaking from experience, it's easier to manage them if you just flick both sides. (Opera's set up is a bit different, as it's double notes with flicks and one hold note, but those flicks come so rapidly that it's pretty much the same thing, just never stop flicking.) Opera instead has flicks coming at you ALL THE TIME, especially during the chorus. Usually after normal tap notes, in in combination with holdnotes, they're evil combinations, trust me. My best tip is to wing it and just flick, that's how I FCed it, so I must be doing something right, no? They're both very fast songs as well, which makes you train your reading skills (Reading the beatmap and knowing where to tap and stuff) and also your general skills, as they're pretty good for measuring how good you are at, especially, flicks. (Opera is shorter though, at around 650 notes, while ONENESS is 850 or something, which, imo, makes Opera more manageble.)

  • Probably the best tip I have: Take breaks, realize that it's just a Full Combo, it's fine if you can't do it today, you will manage it one day. I know that it feels shitty to not get a FC, it feels horrible and you doubt your skills as a player, especially if you also, the same day, see somebody posting about them FCing the same song, or a song which is more difficult, yes, it feels like shit. But, don't give up, you may not be able to FC that song today, but you will be able to do it one day, if you simply keep going. We've all been there, even the best rhythm game players have not been able to FC "Easy" songs once, you will get better and you will be able to do it, just give it time.

  • And of course, remember to have fun, it's just a game after all!!

(Feel free to share your own tips in the comments if you think I missed something!!)

February 19, 2019 14:34:25 +0000 (UTC)


OH I FORGOT TO POST BUT I GOT HIMARI AND TWICE IN ONE PULL ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

February 17, 2019 20:56:13 +0000 (UTC)

30 days challenge by...

30 days challenge by okusawamiikun || DAY I - FAVOURITE BAND

I've been in love with PasuPare ever since I first saw them on the download screen simply because of their aesthetic (I LOVE PASTEL THINGS) and the more I learn about them the more I love them ... I'm so glad that even though they've been thrown together by an agency, they're still all good friends who can count on each other and love each other lots, plus I love that their stories actually talk about the issues of their careers too!!

PasuPare is the band I feel the strongest about in terms of characters, too - two of my top 3/4 (the Hikawas share 3rd place) are from PasuPare and I love the rest too, I can never decide on a ranking for them cause they're just sO GOOD

their music was my least favourite at first but they've improved SO MUCH and they have so many good songs now but that's gonna get its own day so I'm not gonna talk about it too much. I'm just super proud of how far they've come both in terms of characters and music ... bless them ... sparkly pastel daughters ... so good so soft so wonderful ... I'm love them

shoutout to HaroHapi for having my favourite music & the unyielding ability to make me happy no matter what, and to Roselia for growing on me so so so much since I started the game, both these bands are a very close second place and if you ask me to pick one over the other I will explode (they're just in alphabetical order on the list on my profile,,)
February 19, 2019 08:09:31 +0000 (UTC)


Procrastinating on this again. Aaaaaaa...

Day 14: Favorite Original Overall

Okay. This one is actually a bit tough...

There is a lot of originals that I really like atm... And I have a definitive favorite from each band.

HHW with Gokai.

I really enjoyed YOLO and wish for a PasuPare version soon (since they DID commission the song in the first place).

PasuPare is also good with Shuwa and AtoZ.

And I already talked about Neo Aspect in a previous entry.

And this isn't even counting songs not from the main 5. R.I.O.T and Goal Line are absolute bops in their own right.

So of course, as you may know, my favorite song comes from Poppin' Party.

But I won't be talking about Jumpin.

It is a good song as I have stated before, but there is a song that really resonates not only with me, but also with Kasumi and it really gives depth to her character.

Light Delight


Hoo boy. Light Delight.

A rather melancholic song when you first hear it. Especially at the chorus.

That's mostly because, when you look at the translated lyrics, it is basically a song about depression and overcoming it.


A song about dealing with depression.

And guess who most likely wrote those lyrics?


While Rimi did say she writes lyrics for some of Popipa's songs, a bulk majority of them were written by Kasumi and that some songs were even collaborated efforts by the whole Band.

Regardless of this, however, it is believed that Kasumi wrote the lyrics for Light Delight.

Miss Kasumi isn't the most... emotionally sound person in the world. Despite looking like the happy-go-lucky protagonist type typical in anime such as this, Kasumi has been dealing with depressive thoughts and had been dealing with them throughout the whole series though it wasn't apparent until S1 of the anime.

Sadly, it seems as if Kasumi Depression is an anime-only thing as we have yet to see Kasumi back into this state since S1. Which is a big shame as well since, like with Hagumi and her deal with her parents, it would make for a good event story with some pretty neat event cards.

I honestly wish that we get to see depressed Kasumi again. It would basically show the non-anime folks Kasumi's true colors and see her as something other than a typical anime protagonist.

February 19, 2019 07:26:32 +0000 (UTC)


#Hmm... thought about something. What if Neo Fantasy Online was converted to Neo Fantasy Tactics? like Fire emblem heroes? (but then again. I know nothing about the heroes of NFO -_-')

February 17, 2019 15:41:12 +0000 (UTC)


Raise his arm in the middle of the P5 event chaos

  • Ok, all of those who burn their stars and only get Futaba Moca, pls line up here. (proceed to join the line) I repeat, all of those who burn their stars and only get Futaba Moca, pls line up here, we are going to start the communal crying.

And now, jokes aside, Don't worry if you only get Moca, the event just started so don't give up your hopes yet, if you (like myself) are a F2P player, remember all the stars from the special logins campaings that are still to come. And if you are planning on Whaling, pls do it responsibly.