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May 21, 2018 13:53:32 +0000 (UTC)


The Change My Mind Challenge sounds like a good excuse for me to gush about Tsugumi, so here I am.

When I first started the game, Tsugu was, design-wise, one of my lowest ranking girls. I prefer characters with flashier designs, like Hina, for example. But after just a few days, Tsugu became my best girl. Part of the reason is her voice. For me, a character’s voice plays a huge factor in whether I like them or not. They could have everything I’ve ever wanted in design and personality, but if I don’t like their voice, I kinda just back away slowly. With Tsugu, her voice is just so sweet and adorable, and it always lifts my mood to listen to her speak.

Of course, I fell in love with her personality too. She’s an ordinary girl who cares a lot about her friends and just wants to do her very best. She’s aware that she doesn’t stand out as much, and that she isn’t as musically-inclined as the rest of Afterglow. She isn’t ashamed of this fact though, and instead she uses it as a motivation to work hard to support her friends. I find that to be really inspirational. A lot of the times, I feel like I’m not up to par with the people around me (college is stressful guys otz) and it’s easy for me to just go “whatever” and mope until I feel better. But Tsugumi shows that it’s okay not to be as good as other people sometimes and to just be yourself. And it’s this trait of hers that allows her to accept other people for who they are, flaws and all, and to see the best in them. Acceptance of both yourself and other people is easier said than done, but Tsugumi is able to do it, and it makes me love and admire her so much for it.

December 02, 2018 17:55:34 +0000 (UTC)


Can we just... talk about the quality of GaruPa's artwork? I've been thinking about it a few times, but the thought really hit me hard once I posted my latest post that once again talks about the quality of some of our 3Stars:

BanDori's art quality didn't drop after they started giving out 2 4Stars a set. In fact, it improved.

Some of our sets now involve 4 4Stars, some of them just happen to have the stats of 3Stars.

If we look at, say, Love Live (I promise that my record of flaming Love Live isn't intentional but it's an easy target), their quality on, ESPECIALLY event cards, but also gacha SRs, really dropped after... I think after Aqours started their rotation. Just look at Pool V3 (The first 2nd rotation µ's set), only really Honoka and Kotori look good in it, and sadly, that kinda became a running theme for both Aqours and µ's sets going forward. There are VERY few sets which has all SRs looking good. Only really the URs and the SSRs (The latter is not guaranteed though) looks solid.

But back to BanDori: I have mad respect for the artists that are doing the GaruPa artwork, ESPECIALLY the 4Stars with heavier shading and more complex poses. Sure, not all of them are perfect, some have... decently wonky anatomy, but they still look good. Heck, even the freaking 2Stars look really nice. And for that; I will always love GaruPa's cards.

All GaruPa 4Stars are Dream 4Stars.

(Note; I do know that the Love Live artists are pushing out more cards, but more than half of them don't involve complex shading or background art, some standards must be put on them, they're getting paid darnit.)

November 12, 2018 03:23:46 +0000 (UTC)


Usually I don't make activities on here, but I just wanted to talk about the Roselia CharaExpo Live for a second before I go to sleep.

Despite Roselia's Mini Live at CharaExpo being announced to only feature 4 members, Rinko's new VA Kanon Shizaki appeared for the last few songs!

I personally didn't have a great view of Non-chan, but it was still crazy to see her actually here alongside the rest of the band. The crowd was in an uproar over the event too as they began Tamashii no Refrain (which bopped, btw), and I am so happy I got to experience that!

I could scream for hours about how well Aiai performed and how much interaction the girls did with the rest of the crowd, but I'll save that conversation for another time. I'm just so glad that they came to the US to give us an amazing live.

Thank you Roselia!


November 30, 2018 23:27:18 +0000 (UTC)


Scouting will commence shortly (`・ω・´) I’ll update this post with the results but I need to scout for the new Chika UR on SIF and do some other stuff first 1

Anyway here’s a picture of my shrine! (can you even call it that) ive been saving for Christmas Saya since the ww server was released im desperate


Ok, so now an update! I apologise if this ends up being too long kfhdj

1 This was the first pull I did, and I’m so surprised that I managed to get a 4* right off bat (even if it wasn’t Saya) and the other popipa cards too! I really like the Christmas Arisa card as well

2 This was my second pull and I almost screamed!! Another 4*! I should mention I only have like. two 4*s because I’ve been saving since the beginning

3 Another 4*! I was kinda beginning to believe that rate up was a lie.

4 I didn’t record the 10 pull but this is one of my favourite cards in the game!! I’m really happy I pulled this

I did another 5 or so pulls and was beginning to get really anxious, so stopped pulling for a bit to go and unlock some 2* stories, and brought my stars back up to 30000.

And once I did- 5 6

I ALMOST CRIED. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT SHE ACTUALLY CAME HOME!! I didn’t even have to spent half of the stars I saved up!

Its been like half an hour and honestly I’m still in disbelief. I scouted for Chika earlier and she came home and I just. Idk what I’ve done to deserve my best girls loving me so much.

My next goal is probably the latest Saya card that came out not that long ago! I need Saya with her hair down...

And that’s it! This end up been super long I’m sorry (;ω;) I really want to say thank you to this community! I feel like a lot of you guys have cheered me on and encouraged me on this a lot! So once again thank you from the bottom of my heart (╹◡╹)♡

December 05, 2018 16:48:12 +0000 (UTC)

Hina is just like this! Do you like Hina? I can't send any pictures because I have exams too...

Hina is just like this! Do you like Hina? I can't send any pictures because I have exams too many. I just spend time to them... But is it okay?

Follow me for more!

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December 03, 2018 23:42:07 +0000 (UTC)


Since everyone's doing this....

Here are a couple of EN released cards I want for Christmas!


Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link

oofey, almost forgot to credit hagu for inspiring this fun trend!

June 12, 2018 02:45:34 +0000 (UTC)

I wanted to share this Kokoro drawing I made for an art contest. This was made few days ago but I...

I wanted to share this Kokoro drawing I made for an art contest. This was made few days ago but I felt like I wanted to share it here as well. I made it around a week after the detective Kokoro gacha and I hope you guys like it!

December 03, 2018 22:10:27 +0000 (UTC)


inspired by hagu's post here's my bandori christmas wish list!

Sunset Smiling Star Lisa Azure Shine Bright Ran Azure Shine Bright Himari Dreamfes Aya

please santa i've been doing my best this year

December 05, 2018 09:02:47 +0000 (UTC)

practicing my editing skills by making some wallpapers for the girls! merry kasumas~~

practicing my editing skills by making some wallpapers for the girls!

merry kasumas~~

July 21, 2018 12:01:34 +0000 (UTC)


Hello Happy Phantom Thief drawing with Kanon Matsubara and Kaoru Seta from the dectective Kokoro gacha. I really loved Kaoru's 3* card and it's what inspired me to make this drawing. Image with a link