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☆she/her ☆21 ☆Finland


Eve is my best girl and I love her very much! Other girls I like: Maya, Rimi, Tae, Ran, Misaki, Kanon

Favourite ships: MayaEve, AyaEve, MisaKanon

Currently saving for:

  • New Year gacha revival Eve 4⭐

Previously saved for:

  • Welcome to Eve's home party Eve⭐,she didn't come home, but I got her with the (paid) miracle ticket gacha.
  • New Years Eve 4⭐, didn't get her.
  • Winter sports Maya 4⭐,didn't get her either.
  • Hazy Samurai Hearts Maya and Eve 4⭐s, Eve came home! but Maya didn't.
  • Swimsuit Eve 4⭐and DreamFes Maya, Both came home!
  • Backstage method Maya 4⭐, she didn't come home even though I had saved 10k stars for her.

I'm not very good at playing (I play mainly on normal and with a very low notespeed) but I do my best and have fun playing!

You can also find me on tumblr and sukutomo!

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