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girls!!! are!!! cute!!!

│ 20 │ ♀ │ Finland │Roselia stan │Yukina lover ♥

hi I'm outsa/outi and bandori is great even though the rate-up sucks, my best girl avoids me and I have the worst luck in this game ;u; update: rate-up still sucks but my luck has increased and best girl's three star has come home, is this heaven. update: i've soloed my fave ran card AND both of my best girl yukina's 4 stars and i'm not mad at the gacha anymore

update: yukina's 4 stars hate me again im officially mad at the gacha again


started playing: April 4th 2018

best girl: Yukina! ♥ ♥

other very very good girls: Misaki, Ran, Lisa, Kaoru, Aya, Tomoe, Arisa, Sayo, Eve

fave band: Roselia

my fave ships: kaomisa, yukisayo, ranyuki, ayahina, chisakanon, taeari, tomoran, mocalisa, hinakoko



  • to get any higher rarity Yukina card (pls Yukina why won't you come home) 3⭐ café YUKINA CAME HOME!!! update: now I also have her 4 star! update: I have both of her 4 stars!
  • to get any higher rarity Sayo card got her event 3*
  • to get a 3 star or above card of all the girls (event cards count): 25/25 completed when Tsugu came home from a free gacha ticket 19th December 2018
  • top 2500 in any Roselia event! (first try will be: Umbrella in the autumn rain) succeeded
  • collect all Yukina's cards (2⭐s included): missing her girls band life lim 4 star, Neo-Aspect 4 star, Coral Reef 4 star
  • top 1000 Neo-aspect


  • first 4⭐: initial Tae (got 25.5.2018)
  • first time clearing a level 27 song: 31.5.2018, LOUDER
  • first time getting all the event pts rewards: 28.6.2018 | Don't leave me Lisa!!!!
  • best girl's 3⭐ came home 1.7.2018 - café Yukina
  • all current 3⭐+ Tae cards got 1.7.2018 (initial 3⭐ & 4⭐, bunny 4⭐, wonderland event 3⭐) update: Yukata Tae got in October, I have all her cards again
  • 4 ⭐ from a solo-yolo: 3.7.2018 - Moca (Accepting feelings)
  • first time clearing a level 28 song: 20.7.2018 (Sugar Song&Bitter step)
  • cleared Re:birth Day on expert: 20.7.2018
  • best girl's 4⭐ came home: 10.9.2018, Birdcage Diva Yukina ❤ (a dream card of mine!) UPDATE: best girl's 2nd 4⭐ (blue rose) came home 26.10.18!!!
  • first top 2500 in an event: Umbrella for the Autumn rain (ranked 1348 with over 700k events points)
  • first lim 3 star: vday yukina ❤
  • first lim 4 star: vday arisa!! <3
  • first t1000: neo-aspect

currently saving for:

  • roselia vs afterglow

past savings:

  • Rainy Blue Rose gacha (4⭐ Yukina and 3⭐ Sayo!) Yukina came home from a solo(!!!!), Sayo didn't come home :(
  • Valentine's Lisa, Arisa and Yukina

Yukina and Arisa came home!!

  • White Day Kaoru and Misaki; Kaoru came home!
  • 1st anniversary dream festival / Girls band life (Ran and Yukina): Ran came home 3 times, Yukina didn't come home. I'm still crying. 32.5k stars and no Yukina......
  • Neo-aspect: didn't get Yukina
  • Mysteruous coral reef: no Yukina or Sayo...

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