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Hiya, I'm W1F1, your local Hagumi fan and au generator

  • she/they
  • not that great at rhythm games but trying my best
  • I literally have the weirdest luck ever, catch me with infinite Ayas, Himaris, and Hinas, but still no good Yukina... (or most of the cards I want that aren't point 3*s...)
  • somewhere drowning in rarepairs at all times
  • also drowning in au ideas at all times
  • sometimes those overlap
  • (please talk to me about my mermaid au)
  • sometimes I write fics about these ideas, and if I ever finish writing them, they will be on AO3 under the account W1F1N1GHTM4R3 (at the moment all of my bandori stuff is random ship oneshots)
  • I do a lot of art and a little bit of editing! My edits are mostly color effects, but if you happen to want an edit of a specific card in such a way, just ask and I'll do my best to handle it!
  • @W1F1N1GHTM4R3#4703 on discord, if you want to talk to me! Or @W1F1N1GHTM4R3 on twitter, but I'm not super active on there, discord is a better bet to catch me. Basically, if I'm on the site, I use the same username. But I'm not on very many sites, so unless I've said I use it, if you see someone with the username it might not be me?


Bands: Harohapi>Afterglow>Pasupare>RAS>Popipa=Roselia

Popipa: Arisa>Saaya>Rimi>Kasumi>Tae

Afterglow: Tomoe>Tsugumi=Ran>Himari>Moca

Pasupare: Chisato>Maya>Aya>Eve=Hina

Roselia: Rinko>Yukina>Lisa>Ako>Sayo

Harohapi: Hagumi>Kanon>Misaki=Kaoru>Kokoro


Morfonica: Nanami>Mashiro>Tsukushi>Touko>Rui

Ships: tomorin, ayamaya, haguyuki, misakanon, tsuguran, kaochisakanon, hinakoko, arisaaya, asuako... but I'm chill with most ships, about the only things that are likely to make me avoid something are misakoko, tsugusayo, yukiran, and the obvious yikes stuff. Honestly if I don't like it and it isn't something that shouldn't be shipped in the first place, I just don't see how it would work and don't get why people ship it, but I won't stop people from liking it.

(bands are based on my overall amount I like them as a whole, not by just how much I like each character. for example, while I love Afterglow as a whole, Moca's honestly one of the characters I like the least. That's not to say I dislike anyone, except Sayo. also, RAS is my favorite music-wise, they didn't need to produce as many bangers as they did, but they still did anyway and I love it. Morf opinions are mostly based on appearance.)


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