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saving to spark for DF Kanon


  • Ranked 65 in Umbrella for the Autumn Rain (WW)

  • Ranked 38 in Little Smiley Steps (WW)

  • Ranked 89 in FUN FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! (WW)

  • Ranked 92 in A Dreamy Promenade (WW)

  • Ranked 54 in A Summer's Night, Poems Across the Water (WW)

  • Ranked 52 in Dreams, Reality, and A Hundred Poems (WW)

Tier mostly Top 1K WW events with some Top 2500 thrown in.

Scouting plans

  • Saving up for DF Kanon and Backstage Pass Lisa

Favorite bands are Roselia and Pastel Palettes. My best girls are Kanon, Yukina, Aya. Other favorites are Chisato, Arisa, Lisa, Rinko, Sayo, Eve, Tsugu, Kasumi, and Misaki.

Focusing on my WW account. JP is on hiatus.

2 accounts: