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Hi! Feel free to ask nothing! Sorry if my english is not good, but I'll work hard to understand all of you, I'll be hapy if I have more friends that like:

-Bandori (of course!) -Argonavis (AAside, as you like to call it) -Ensemble Stars!! (please, I need more friend that like ES D:) -Given -Bungou Stray Dogs -Bungo to Alchemist -A3! (kindda new in here) -UtaPri -Vocaloid -Kpop/Jpop -Twisted Wonderland -Diabolik Lovers -Servamp -Hypnosis Mic

I'll try to write this better soon!

Private message me if you want to, I'll try to reply as soon as I can.

Y por si también hablais español o catalán, también me podeis escribir, necesito conocer a más gente qwq.

Btw, I'm free to do collabs but I don't know how to do them, I can't draw in digital because my tablet broke and I don't have enough time, at least now :)

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