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don't try so hard to be the best, just be yourself.

what's up gamers it's ami. i'm a nb lesbian who's trying to become better at rhythm games. xe/xem/xyr or he/she. if you want more Information i have Linksz on my tumbly.

placed #315 in the english 'hello, my happy world' event. my phone's tag registration is very bootleg but i try my hardest. full combo'd ex songs in 'played songs' attached to either account because i don't have the energy to try to get them on each server. i basically only come on eng to play for events and am trying to save for gachas i want so pardon if my member list is a bit... scarce.

long term eng gacha plans:

  • 1st anniversary dreamfest, smile parade

along-the-way goals:

  • white noble / roaring rimshot, happy monster / exciting tropical adventure

2 accounts: