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Hi I'm HoneyWorks, EnStars, BTS and Utaite trash

I spam drawings from time to time I'm sorry

Rinko > Moca > Tsugumi > Misaki > Eve > Arisa > Kasumi > Hina > Sayo > Kokoro > Yukina > Kaoru > Chisato > Everyone else <3

My best girls hate me

This whole game hates me :'D

HaroHapi and Roselia Oshi. Afterglow and Pasupare part-time oshi.

I clearly have a thing for pianists. Prolly bc it's the only instrument I can play.

I've been playing since the game was first released but I didn't start playing seriously util the end of 2017.

Take two seconds to appreciate this man

Have a nice day.

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