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My name is Hannah and I'm a really big fan of mobile games! I also play Deresute, LLSIF, SIFAS, Starira and ACPC.

I've been playing JPdori since August 2017 (currently on hiatus) and ENdori since release day.

My discord is hanchan#7240.

My best girl is Himari! She was the reason I got into JP and to this day she still means so much to me. I try to scout in as many of her banners as I can, but of course that doesn't mean she'll come home. I'm fortunate to have many of her 4★ though, and I will continue to do my best in saving for future gacha ~

EN Achievements:

  • Winter Sky Marché - #6

  • Days of Topping and Fun☆ - #4

  • Little Busters! - #92

  • What a Wonderful World! - EX Goal Master

  • Let's Go! Sunset Adventure - EX Goal Master

The next gacha I plan to do a major scout in is:


Goals from the gacha:

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2 accounts: