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Hi! As you may know, my name is Eureka with 6 A's, but just call me Eureka for short (You probably guessed that lmao). I've been playing Bandori since the Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation event, but lost my first account at the Deserted Island Idol event :l

I don't like to say I'm a good player, partly because they're are so many people MUCH better than me, but the ability to consistently fc This Game makes me think I should just say I am a 'good player'

I'm a HUGE Haro Hapi fan, but my favorite band used to be Pasu Pare. RAS is climbing the ranks though...

"Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay!"

Currently, my top 3 girls are Kanon, Misaki, and Kokoro, but it'll probably change again soon lmao because I get new favorites every event. Kanon will always remain #1 though.


Goals I have for my life of Bandori:

  • Advertise Bandori at least once: (Complete! I did it during my English presentation :/ 8-30-19)

  • Get all initial PoPiPa 4*s: (3/5 - Arisa, Saya, and Kasumi)

  • Get at least one four star of every character: (15/25)

  • Get all Dream fest 4*s: (2/25)

  • Get a full 4* team for cool type: (5/5) Completed: 9-29-19

  • Get a full 4* team for pure type: (5/5) Completed: 9-29-19

  • Get a full 4* team for happy type: (2/5)

  • Get a full 4* team for powerful type: (5/5) Completed: 9-29-19

  • Get top 100 in an event: (Completed on the Backstage Methods event. Title given out on 11-8-19)

  • Get to level 150: (Not Completed)

  • Get to level 200: (Not Completed)

  • Max out every area item: (Not even close to being done)

  • Get a Kanon 4*: (None yet - Cries in Kokoro minor)

Some facts about me:

  • I'm in a band. I'm actually the drummer of the band and we're planning on having our first concert near the end of this school year!

Set list : Happy Happy Party by PoPiPa, 1000 Crying Skies by PoPiPa, Lock's solo from the second season of the anime, and our original song :D

  • I know three other people who play BanG Dream at my school!

  • BanG Dream is the only game I have on my phone fuee... (Mostly because I don't have enough space)

  • I don't really play other games besides BanG Dream...

  • I'm an actor so I enjoy trying to pretend to be Kaoru :)

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