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Hi! I've been playing Bandori since the Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation event, but lost my first account at the Deserted Island Idol event :l

I wouldn't consider myself a good player, but at least I can full combo three level 27 songs, and one level 28 song. The few things that I can do in Bandori ;(

I'm a HUGE Haro Hapi fan, but my favorite band used to be Pasu Pare. Currently, my top 3 girls are Kanon, Kaoru, and Ako, but it used to include Kokoro and Aya in there. They are still part of my top 5 characters though.

Oh and did I mention I'm a writer? If only I was good at writing though smdh

Member Rankings within Bands:

Poppin' Party: Rimi < Saya < Tae < Arisa < Kasumi

Afterglow: Ran < Moca < Tomoe < Himari < Tsugumi

Pastel * Palettes: Aya < Chisato < Eve < Hina < Maya

Roselia: Ako < Rinko < Yukina < Sayo < Lisa

Hello, Happy World: Kanon < Kaoru < Kokoro < Michelle < Hagumi

(I still love them all and would kill for them)

Goals I have for my life of Bandori:

Advertise Bandori at least once: (Complete! I did it during my English presentation :/ 8-30-19)

Get all initial PoPiPa 4*s: (2/5 - Arisa and Sayaa)

Get at least one four star of every character: (10/25 - I'm not going to list them just go look at my cards)

Get all Dream fest 4*s: (Haha only have one)

Get a full 4* team for cool type: (3/5)

Get a full 4* team for pure type: (3/5)

Get a full 4* team for happy type: (2/5)

Get a full 4* team for powerful type: (4/5)

Get top 100 in an event: (Not completed)

Get to level 150: (Not Completed)

Get to level 200: (Not Completed)

Max out every area item: (Not even close to being done)

Get a Kanon 4*: (None yet - Cries in Kokoro minor)

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