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Hey, uh, Fleeting am I right??? You can just call me Kai. Few things i guess, i've been playing EN only a little after it came out, and i wanna play JPN again but i don't have the space on my crappy phone. Anyhow Opinion time!

Pastel*palettes is my favorite band with Hello happy world! as a close second, Afterglow third, then Roseila and Poppin'Party last.

Favorite girls of each band

Pastel*Palettes: Chisato Image

Hello Happy World!: Kaoru Image

Afterglow: Moca Image

Roseila: Lisa Image

Poppin'Party: Rimi Image

Favorite song Original songs from each band (as of now, in EN)

PastelPalettes: Yura-Yura Ring-Dong-Dance, ShuwarinDreamin

Hello Happy world!: Worldwide Treasure!, Goka! Gokai!? Phantom thief!

Afterglow: Hey-day Capriccio, Scarlet sky

Roseila: ONENESS, Re:birth day

Poppin'Party: Your gift to me, Boom though summer!

As for Cover songs, well My absolute favorite is Romeo, But i'll do this as well (again as of now in EN)

Pastel*Palettes: Sekaiwa Koini Ochiteriu, Happy Synthiszer (Discotheque is definitely my favorite in JPN though)

Hello Happy World!: Romeo (Kaoru singing is an actually blessing), Koi wa Chaos no Shimobernari

Afterglow: Redo, Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan(?)

Roseila: Red fraction (Yukina says Shit), Guren no Yumiya(?)

Poppin'Party: Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai (I like the song, Kasumi's voice doesn't really fit with that well?? but i still like it), only my railgun

KaoChisa is my favorite ship (HinAya is second and MocaRan is third)

and I think that's it? See ya around maybe!

Uh, hey craftu eggu, can we get another Kaochisa event? more back story? more actual non fleeting Kaoru? children cards like the Christmas afterglow set? Please and thank you I need it in my life.

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