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So I'm finally deciding to make my bio a bio after like 6/or 7 months of being on this website :).

So, hi there, it is me, sianasarana. The username is quite the contraption and I don't know how my brain came up with this 6 years ago but hey I guess I was just like that sometimes. I found bandori while I was looking for popular mobile rhythm games during my cousin's baseball game out of boredom and you can already see how that went because now I am here. I adore Kaoru for her poetic way of speaking and of course her pure gay power, I adore Tomoe for her red hair and teal eyes along with her being just a very good and generous person in general, I don't really know who would be 100% 3rd best girl so i'm still kinda debating on different characters from time to time Some other things I like are Love Live, Vocaloid, and I can kinda say I'm a retired Splatoon player. I like making edits in my spare time along with listening to music which fun fact, I'm probably going to be deaf by the age of 20. So yeah, that's my scuffed bio :).

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