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Editing my bio just in time for the 3rd Anniversary on JP! Be prepared, it’s a whole essay and a half.

So hey hey, I’m Sianasarana (My screen name on practically every account I have of something which is an original creation by my 6 year old self). This year is going to be quite the big year for me though, even if no one asked haha. BanG Dream!’s third anniversary, Love Live’s 7th (technically 10th wow big double digits), and to top it all off, I’ll be officially a teen in May (now am one poggers).

But besides that, I found out about this game on a whim of fate while scrolling through the rhythm games on the english App Store. I was at my cousin’s baseball game in I believe was November of 2018 (???) or maybe it was before November and I just started playing it again during that time idk. But as someone who was starting to get into Japanese music (as a newcomer to the vocaloid world), as soon as I recognized that the app’s logo was in an anime art style, I was intrigued. I didn’t really know what to expect since I went into the game without being able to hear the sound and also just not knowing anything about the game at all in general, but hoo boy I was not expecting to get this far.

Throughout my journey of liking bandori, I’ve made new friends and found a new dream and future to strive for. I also have claimed Kaoru as the true best girl and she probably won’t lose her spot any time soon lol. She’s just too iconic to be taken off her throne so, yeah. Tomoe and Ran are her partners in crime, and I hope Mashiro and Layer can follow up with them 👀.

So other than bang dream, I’ve already mentioned how I like Love Live. Took me some time to get into it but hey, I made it to Band AND Idol hell. As I also already mentioned, I’m a big vocaloid fan and even though there were times where I felt I was losing interest, I now realize that vocaloid music and vocaloids in general won’t be leaving my side anytime soon and it might just be the thing I’ve invested the most of my time and love in. Some other things I’ve invested time liking are Splatoon, Danganronpa, Animal Crossing (not as much but I do like it, along with other life simulating games), Pokemon, and that’s basically it!

Finally, I can end this long bio lmao

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