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Hello! (^ ω ^)

I'm known as 'bobo' on the BanG Dream game (AKA my childhood nickname >_<)

I really like Bandori, from the characters to the songs! I also really like the idea of how they do cover songs. In case you're wondering, I also play the games 'Love Live!' and 'THE [email protected]: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage'. Go check out my accounts! <3

I usually play with my thumbs, but every now and then I play with my index fingers :)

My favourite bands are Hello! Happy World and Roselia <3

My best girl is Rinko Shirokane, she's my favourite because of her shy nature and character design. She kinda reminds me of myself^^

( PS: Kaoru and I have the same birthday! So please celebrate both of our birthdays on 28th of Feb! Or...I'll be sad...T_T )




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