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Hi~! I'm Yume, a weird girl from the US who plays the worldwide version. ☆ discord: yume☆#0233 ☆ school idol tomodachi: MahouYume (haven't posted anything tho)

Image by cookiemist!!


some side notes about me:

  • I am actually depressed
  • I play SIF and my best girls are Nico and Chika
  • I'm an ENFP
  • If I was in a band, I would be vocals! but I'm also interested in learning guitar or bass
  • My favorite color is teal
  • I say uwahhh a lot (it's Yume's stamp bc of this)
  • I like stars☆
  • I'm obsessed with magical girls, especially dark magical girl shows
  • I have my own fanime! Cy6 are actually the main characters of it


best girls:

frickin adore ayachisa


2 accounts: