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ayy im kaoruskitten and im excited to meet you!

im just your average bandori player, nothing more nothing less... i nico nico nii it up despite it being such a dead meme but who cares!~~~ im basically kaochans number one fan but hey who can resist? i also like bread 🥖 sandwiches 🥪 and noodles 🍜

a few things about me

  • probably the youngest one on here...

  • sMoL wArRiOr

  • aspiring vocalist but im no big songstress but ok i can sing but im not amazing at it ♪(´ε` )

  • a fucking pan mess ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎

  • joined a tree murdering cult in like 3rd grade

  • learning keyboard at the moment and sucking at it

  • i post at like 1am so watch out

  • married to joshuasmiddlefinger! ily waifu

ids for various things

bandori(en): 1668083

love live(en): 073192094

utapri(en if there is jp or something): 727891919

anyway i love you guys, smol or no, so come friend me!


band ratings!:


character ratings!:

popipa: saaya>rimi>tae>kasumi=arisa

afterglow: ran>himari=tomoe>tsugumi=moca

pasupare: aya>maya>eve>chisato>hina

roselia: lisa>rinko>sayo>yukina>ako

harohapi: kaoru=hagumi>kanon>kokoro>misaki


favorite songs!:

popipa- original: whats the POPIPA?! and CiRCLING

cover: romeo and cinderella and melancholic

afterglow- original: COMIC PANIC!!! and jamboree!journey!

cover: lost one no goukoku and pride revolution

pasupare- original: tenka toitsu a to z☆ and wonderland girl

cover: happy synthesizer and moon pride

roselia- original: fire bird and passionate anthem

cover: six trillion years and an overnight story and zankoku na tenshi no thesis

harohapi- original: wacha • mocha • pettan koushinkyoku and kimi ga inakucha!

cover: alien alien and romeo


dream cards!

  • mermaid yukina and sayo

  • blushing kaoru

  • promenade chisato and kanon

  • kid rinrin

  • the 2nd anniversary popipa cards???? so precious~

  • any bands chapter 2 cards ♥︎ ♥︎

  • eVeRy backstage pass card(1, 2, the years to come)


bye bye, and i wish you the best scouting luck!!! happy lucky, smile yay!!!! ♡ and remember...

☆sandwiches with 🅱️read are 🅱️oppin☆~~

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