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ayy im kaoruskitten and im excited to meet you!

im just your average bandori player, nothing more nothing less... i nico nico nii it up despite it being such a dead meme but who cares!~~~ im basically kaochans number one fan but hey who can resist?

(´∇`) just for future reference im currently trying to work out vocal covers so requests are fine(if you have any...)

anyway i love you guys and if you have any problems, bros hit me up! id be happy to assist you!

i dont mind being called koneko-chan btw or hoshi, if you like, either one, doesnt matter to me ^^ ♥️♥️♥️

band ratings!:


character ratings!:

popipa: saaya>arisa>tae>kasumi>rimi

afterglow: ran>tomoe=himari=tsugumi=moca

pasupare: aya>eve>maya=chisato>hina

roselia: lisa>rinko>sayo>ako=yukina

harohapi: kaoru=hagumi>kanon>misaki>kokoro ♥️♥️♥️

favorite songs!:

popipa- original: light delight and bof

cover: alchemy and melancholic

afterglow- original: tsunagu, soramoyou and jamboree!journey!

cover: lost one no goukoku and great escape

pasupare- original: mou ichido luminous and hanamaru◎andante

cover: happy synthesizer and dream parade

roselia- original: sanctuary and opera of the wasteland

cover: shangri-la and guren no yumiya

harohapi- original: goka? gokai?! phantom thief! and kimi ga inakucha!

cover: alien alien and romeo ♥️♥️♥️

bye bye, and i wish you the best scouting luck!!! happy lucky, smile yay!!!! ♡

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