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Welcome! Have a seat and enjoy your stay here! I... Have multiple accounts just to test my luck... (Pls give me that 4* Initial Tae) Anywho, I'm just that unique and random fish in the sea that happens to like anime... (It's rare to find people who love anime and yaoi in my country) Now, from that, you get the idea that I am a fudanshi... Now, It's not like I don't like yuri no no. I personally love yaoi better... Ok,so I don't what to type here so see ya~!

You can find me on:~

Valkyrie Connect: PacifistChara17 || Will always chat on CH53

Love Live! : パシカラ17

Discord: PerishfistChara17

IDOLiSH7: パシフィストカラ17

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