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Hello! I'm Timer Rabbit (or Rosia, however works) and I am usually not into the overhyped anime or mobile games... Until my friend plays the game, and I question the weird existence of a DJ Bear.

I am more of a Show by Rock(!!) fan, but its also a mobile game that is only in Japanese. :S (And yes I am a furry. Fite me!)

Outside of band mobage hell, I am a independent artist, casual otaku and into J-Fashion (and general "kawaii" things).

Card information so far is accurate, but I will never track down the song scores, aside that I play them based on the difficulty.

Also, I don't have a main card yet, and I usually change decks depend on the event. I think all I can share is my favorite. Wish me luck for a 4* on my EN account...

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