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Hi guys! Welcome for visiting! > < Anyway BEST girl is eve! Second best girl and third best girls are Chisato and Aya ( can't decide between the two ) I'm also a huge Pastel Palettes fan!^^ Feel Free to ID Friend me!!! I hope we can all best friends!! ●♡●

Bands ●◇●

  1. Pastel Palettes
  2. Roselia
  3. Poppin Party
  4. After Glow
  5. Hello Happy World

Top 5 Girls ●♡●

  • Eve
  • Chisato
  • Aya -Sayo/Hina


Saving up 20,000/13,000

Get EVERY Eve 4 star

Save for dreamfest

Try NOT to spend money on this game

Tier Top 100 for the Eve Bushido Event/ I made It! :D

Have fun^^


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