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Hello, this is Uni here, welcome to my profile! Please feel free to add me in game or DM me (If you add me in game, please DM me your username so I know it’s you!) I’ll always tried to answer! Let’s all be friends together, shall we? Hehe (๑╹ω╹๑ )

Facts about me!

  • I’m a girl! She/Her
  • My BDay is March 2
  • I’m a graphic editor
  • I first got into playing Bandori intensely about 2 years ago,, March 2018 (Wonderland Event)
  • Eve is my first best girl and she still is!
  • Eve-Chan Biggest Fan! I love her so freaking much!
  • My favorite ships in Bandori are: AyaEve, KaoChisa, MisaKoko, AriKasu, KasuSaya, MocaHima, and SayoTsugu
  • My favorite colors are Pastel!
  • Main games that I play are: Bandori EN/JP, LLSIF EN, SiFas, Mirishita, Deresute, Crash Fever EN
  • I love making new friends! ~

Goals I want to achieve in game!

  • Save 30k stars,, 20k/30k
  • Tier top 100 for these particular events:
    • Flowery June Bride
    • Summer, Slow Summer
    • Straight Towards your Dreams
    • To You, Sweetheart Valentine ♪
  • Tier top 10 one day and get into a tiering group!~
  • Save 500 mini live boosts, 20 large live boosts
  • Get June Bride Eve ✔︎, DFv2 Eve, DFv2 Kanon four stars!
  • Complete Cool OP PasuPare team:
    • DF Eve ✔︎
    • DF Chisato
    • DFv2 Maya
    • Sakura Splash Aya
    • Pastel Bloom Hina
  • Sparking a card! 75k stars!


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