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typology: ISTP /// SLE-Ti /// sx584 /// FLEV (4121) /// Phleg-Chloe /// /R/l|U|ei

I also play guitar in real life but acoustic one so if anyone wanna create a band

In actual need of more 4* but always saving to not get what i wanted

F2P i lied im not nineteen im fourteen i have 0 money to spent

For a person playing this game, i do love men

Fav girl from each band: Poppin: Arisa Afterglow: Ran HHW: Kokoro or Kaoru Pastel: Maya and Chisato Roselia: Sayo and Rinko Morfonica: Touko and Nanami RAS: LAYER but i like everyone

Dont really have fav band but i love pastels energy, roselias style and color and style and RAS music and Morfonica has all of it.

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