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говорю по русски и по английски люблю котиков имею 27 карт Токо (все 2☆, все 3☆ и 5 4☆)!!!!!!!

I speak both Russian and English (mostly British, but i can understand American too) i love cats!! I have 27 Touko's cards (all 2☆, all 3☆, 5 4☆ cards)!!!!!!!

Fav songs/Любимые песни

Morfonica: all Morfonica songs (especially Harmony Day, Daylight, Prelude to Gold, Sonorous, One step at a time)

RAISE A SUILEN: EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!', A DECLARATION OF ×××, Beautiful Birthday, JUST THE WAY I AM, Takin' my Heart, Invincible Fighter, !NVADE SHOW!, Light a fire, Repaint, HITORI NO YORU (cover), Brain Fluid Explosion Girl (cover), DEPARTURES (cover), Buriki no Dance (cover)

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