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hello im rinnybirb from sukutomo im an 18 year old closet gay who can't come out because my parents are big homophobes (it's a curse)

i draw sometimes, and i do take commissions (please dm on instagram for information! they're kindve expensive, but its hard for me to draw because of my wrist, so thats why)

im extremely biased towards hello happy world, and i made 20 rerolls for detective kokoro and she didnt come home once (made me very upset okay please dont judge)

i love every single member of hello happy world (they're all in my top 10), with the top three being taken up by hello happy world members

i also run the Tsugumi Support Group™, and the Ako Support Group™ ask me if you would like to join, I'd appreciate it. They are good girls.

i hope you can learn to tolerate me because im not leaving bandori hell anytime soon okay

also please dont salt on my page, im more lucky in this game than i deserve

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