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[color=pink]hii and welcome ^^[/color]


[color=pink]My name is Margaret,Rita, Cutie or Kitty,she/her/they/them + xeno pronouns or any!, bi + ase , female + demigirl[/color]

[color=pink]Likes: art, music, editing, videogames, cute things, anime, cartoons,cats, sanrio etc.[/color]


[color=pink]Hates: homophobic ppl, bullies, very high heights,broccoli etc.[/color]


[color=pink]My fav characters on Bang Dream:[/color]

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

[color=pink]I started playing on 2020 i dont remember date sorry lol i have lost two acc this is the third one i am not good at this game help but i try my best tho i saving stars but later this happens lol:[/color]


[color=pink]Fav song i have a lot but im goona put them later im bored:[/color]

YouTube video

finishing this soon sorry lol


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