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hello! my name is selcrose you can call me by sel, which is my name online.

you can also call me by nev, nizen, or selena, but i prefer sel.

my pronouns are she/her! i'm lesbian, and an asian american.

i like genshin impact, eddsworld, gravity falls, crk (kinda), ddlc, twice, and danganronpa. (i just started getting into it)

i like many other things, but i can't list them here right now.

my favorite bandori characters:

  1. kaoru seta
  2. misaki okusawa
  3. kokoro tsurumaski
  4. rimi ushigome
  5. CHU2
  6. nanami hiromachi
  7. touko kirigaya
  8. lisa imai
  9. eve wakamiya

i speak some german, since my father can speak a lot of it, and im now starting to learn spanish.

so to any german and spanish people out there; hallo, and hola! ich hoffe, sie haben einen schönen tag! (i hope you have a nice day!)

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