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Call me Mac. I love Morfonica a “normal amount” and I’m definitely not lying about it. And I definitely haven’t read through every Morfonica event and band story (lies). Proud Hina and Nanami kinnie~☆

Band ranking - Morfonica > Pastel Palettes > Poppin’ Party + MyGO!!!!! > Hello, Happy World! > Roselia > Afterglow > RAISE A SUILEN > Ave Mujica

Fave girlie from each band - Poppin’ Party = Tae | Afterglow = Ran | Pastel Palettes = Hina | Roselia = Ako | Hello, Happy World! = Kokoro | Morfonica = Nanami | RAISE A SUILEN= Chiyu | MyGo!!!!! = Anon | Ave Mujica = Nyamu

Full combo’ed songs I’m proud of: Zettai Sengen Recital (SP), R (SP), Hell? or Hell! (SP), Ringing Bloom (EX), Amanojaku (SP), CATASTROPHE BANQUET (EX), Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari (SP), Re: birth day (EX), FIRE BIRD (SP + EX full ver.)

Highest placing in event: 1207 place, “Those who Stand on the Site of Dreams” event

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