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heya☆ I’m yugiri, but you can just call me yu. i am OBSESSED with this stupid lil game to an ungodly point, but it’s okay ahah. i have like, 4000 different constantly changing personalities and I’m currently just existing. i love kokoro so much, and she is totally a comfort for me.

personality kins: hina, arisa, and chiyu!

I have the same hair color as arisa, and same eye color as lisa! guess I’m just a mix of them~

band ranking- pasupare = popipa > roselia > afterglow > morfonica > harohapi > ras

hardest songs full comboed: ringing bloom (ex), hell or hell (ex), amanojaku (ex), hey day capriccio (ex), savior of song (ex)

highest placing in event: 1440th place, “Ragtime of Wind and Sea” event

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