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The infamous franchise restaurant that everybody know spelled in japanese accent. It's so on point already

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aya kanon

For introduction,please refer to Wikipedia with keyword "Mcdonald".

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#All Grill is Best Grill


For anybody that choose glamorous sky or happy synthethizer on multi, let me tell you that those two song is so BAD for tiering. Both song are so goddamn long and they don't net a lot of points so basically those songs are generally avoided. If you want to play it just for the sake of listening to it, then please do it in free live. Not every player like to play those songs, especially for happy synthesizer with the massive "finger breaker" note amounts so its not fun to play.

Changing my username since 2017 after every event end. You may not recognize me even if i met you a couple of times in multi.

I still can't believe somebody out there actually FC lvl 26+ song with thumbs

Hate dumb noob who try to play something that's so out of his skill capability. Failing has a limit but getting literally destroyed is on another level of stupid decision.You do have a working brain right?

My honest opinion on bandori things:

•Play easy or normal in master : casual players

•Have top 10 title : experienced whale with massive band power

•Have top 100 title : play expert 90 % of the time

•Can AP expert song : inhuman skill

•Spam emotes : lonely pathetic player that's looking for attention

•Top 10,000 title but can FC expert lvl 25+ : secretly genius

•Fails too hard because choosing difficulty that everybody pick in the room: has chronic anxiety disorder and sad life overall

•Invite sign with no sign of people playing : paranormal activity

•Dodge songs that's not meta : tryhard tiering players

•Pick glamorous sky/tear drops in multi : either troll or diehard popipa fans (or both)

•Spam the emote from the current event with no context : dumb kid that like to show off, also lonely because their parents neglect them for being dumb

•Say "good work" after the plays end : honorable players, very rare sighting

•Spam B. O. F/fuwa-fuwa : "this guy need those event points so bad"

•Use non scorer centre but always got the highest score from all: "i can do whatever the f*ck i want" he said

•getting friend request from random that's new to the game : "i don't know you and i don't care to know you"

And don't even try to practice in master room while there's an ongoing event. There are free live and public room for practicing so you have no other reason to decline. Period. Fight me if you disagree!

This game doesn't have message features in-game which is like a basic feature for all kind of mobile game that i know and yet the people playing it aren't troubled by it at all. What a strange phenomenon!





I had f*ckin enough with people like this in master room. Those people deserve their places there

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