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The infamous franchise restaurant that everybody know spelled in japanese accent.

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aya kanon

For introduction,please refer to Wikipedia with keyword "Mcdonald".Merci

Excuse me,what can i help you with?

Here's our menu list:

-Chicken Mcnugget (best seller!)

-Regular bigMac

-Double cheese bigMac

-Bacon Smokehouse Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich

-Sweet N' Spicy BBQ Chicken tender

-Chicken Mcgriddle sold out

-love advice


*Extra beef for 1.99$

Our Motto


Im the only one in this community that prefer someone to dodge a song rather than carrying a 'carcass' through the whole multi session. Weird right?

Also, i change my name A LOT, so if im not in your friends list then you're gonna be having a really hard time recognizing me in multi

Wait do people actually read this shitty unpopular "not really biographical" introduction post thing from a humanized meta fast food store!? REALLY??

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