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Hi! My IGN is Airborne447, and I'm usually addressed in variations of that IGN.

Associated Clans: CCB, BOAT, SS, FFS420 WSC, CLIP, CDC, MWS (RIP)

Best Girls:

  • Image Arisa: Cute Tsundere that mirrors myself in real life. Closer to Sakura Arisa though, on how she's reserved and hides her discomfort.
  • Image Kanon: Cute Fuee, must protect. Gained an appreciation of her after Little Smiley Steps. Yes, I tiered that event without liking her.. or reading the story.
  • Image Sayo: Due to my girlfriend liking Sayo, and after scouring the Internet for many Sayo art.. I gained an appreciation for her.
  • Image Hina: Because she's cute, and pure SayoHina art is nice :^)

Event Rankings:

  • #27 The 6th Afterglow
  • #68 Cooking Class Craziness
  • #10 Little Smiley Steps
  • #20 Hectic Happy Valentine's
  • #30 Backstage Pass
  • #3 Before the Start of a New Season

Song Rankings:

  • #53 Determination Symphony - Score: 1,440,731
  • #45 Melancholic - Score: 1,589,366
  • #59 Keep On Moving! - Score: 1,594,213
  • #34 Redo - Score: 1,751,641
  • #66 Pico! Papi! Girls Band Party! PICO!!! - Score: 1,663,770

Honorable Mention(s):

  • #108 Black Shout - Score: 1,475,460 --> The event that landed me into BOAT, and through BOAT opened the gateway for me into DSS (now SS) and all the other tiering clans.

  • #1124 Tearful Smile Anchor Runner --> The first time I got knocked out of T1K due to school.

  • #1023 Neo Fantasy Online -Journey- --> BOATed from a BOAT ticket, due to school. Again.

Credit: Astaylic for his layout because I'm trash @ layouts.

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