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I have an intro post but at this point I think I messed up a lot with it anyway~

Hi! I'm Chiharu! But ya'll can just call me Chi~ She/They pronouns please!

I'm a disaster Bi with a preference for girls, and show it quite a bit. But that's not what people are here for!

I keep changing my favorites, but my best 2 will always be Moca and Ran...

45th Fluffiest Roar!!!

78th Christmas Aglow!!!

52nd Determined Darkness!!!

Now, about me (From my intro post, too.):

  • I'm a Taurus, not that it matters much.
  • I'm an INFP, according to a one of those online quiz/test things.
  • I'm Singaporean!
  • I love imagining weird fantasy settings~
  • I'm really lazy but get things done if I really want to do it!
  • Part of why I like the rhythm game aspect of Bandori is cause it keeps my hands moving. (I'm an index fingers player)
  • I play on an ipad cause my phone's an Iphone 8 and it's still pretty hard to play on.
  • I want to write fanfiction but I'm a really crappy writer.
  • I play at 11 speed on both EN and JP!
  • I want to learn Japanese or at least try to understand it but I'm not good at languages so...
  • My favourite songs are YOLO!!!!!, Hareyaka Sukoyaka Pikarinrin♪ and Yume Yume Gradation!
  • My favourite covers are Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan, Q&A Recital and most of the newer HaroHapi covers!!
  • I'm very negative in real life but try to be positive online!
  • I tell others to take care of themselves but I myself don't do it~
  • I'd love to be friends with ya'll! If you want to, you can talk to me!
  • I'm a huge multi-shipper but I know it can be super overwhelming so I'll try not to shove my ships down people's throats.
  • I'm really awkward irl but I'd love to meet other Singaporeans!

Keep on fighting! Ya'll are super cool and valid and I'd really love to talk to ya'll but I'm super awkward and shy! >///<

I love Aoba Moca with all my heart ♡

I think that's it? Welcome to my profile I guess☆ I'm open for DM's whenever but I can't guarantee that I'll reply immediately if at all! Sometimes I forget or don't know how to reply hehe

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