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A french high school girl who plays bandori (yeah, it's really impressive I know -_-)

What can I say about me ?

  • I hate covid-19
  • I sometimes makes french dubs of bandori stories in my youtube channel but this community is mostly asian and english-spoken so there's not lots of people interessed by that
  • My favorite girl is Tsugumi and I hate Kaoru (yeah, it's a little weird I know)
  • I ship Hina and Tsugu, especially since the event boppin' down in the hallway
  • Roselia songs are the best, one of my dreams is to know how to sing like Yukina a weird dream I know
  • I use this too much
  • I am a "scientist" who hates biology, I just love maths and computers

Sooooo... That's me !

sorry for the mistakes, like I said I'm french so my english isn't perfect but it's better than my german...

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