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Hello there!~

I'm Pastelii! People who I know call me bird! I use any pronouns! ( So, She/They/it/He please!)

I'm in multiple fandoms including: TBHK, Bandori, Danganronpa, Idol Master - Cinderella Girls, Genshin Impact, LoL, Honakai Impact 3, Enstars, Vainglory, CocoPPA, Project Sekai, And SO much more!

I love Roselia, HHW, and RAS! They make me so happy! Misaki and kokoro and my best girls, including Lisa and Ako ( Yukina too)! Hina is my least favorite, and I despise her on a personal level (/hj) I'm 16 and Hispanic

I love pink and anything pastel (hence the name lol) I love saniro, and games, especially 1st person shooters! I have no triggers, so you can discuss anything with me!

DNI: Basic DNI material Support MAPS Support Anti-Pansexuals Say death threats in any tone If you think horoscopes define a person Support Loli-cons Avidly say you hate Chiaki nanami (/hj)

More info to be added! Later :)

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