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All these girls are precious and must be protected <3 (especially the soft-spoken sweethearts) and Tomoe and Saya are the best sisters

Hit me with that Moca/Hagu midriff

Idolized Hagu summer dive card is best card don't @ me

rant/ You know the points system is fundamentally broken when you can play multi, have 1 guy dc, have 2 people fail the song, fail to get fever, and still somehow get as many points as playing the same song in free live. As much as I prefer playing alone and hate playing with randoms, I don't like handicapping myself by playing free live for AT BEST 2/3 of the points of an average multi room (which requires a stacked team of mostly scorers and event characters and a meta song to achieve in free live, otherwise you're getting 1/2 the points). And that's why VS live >> challenge live > every other event type. You want an easy fix? Make free live worth comparably as much as multi. I'd take 80-90% easily.

Update 2020/09/12 - still too much trash in multi and master rm is basically unplayable unless you like watching people pick awful songs and then failing them.

Update 2020/11/21 - OMG the Re:Zero collab event is a taste of what multi with randoms could and should be (in grand room, at least). So many more scorer centers, a whole lot more people picking meta songs, and fewer people failing. Too bad it's probably going to return to what it was after this.

Update 2020/12/09 - hahahahahaha as expected it's back to being garbage with almost no one picking meta and people picking and failing hard songs because it's a live goals event /end rant

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