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Hi! Im Leilani and to be honest, I don't know what to write TwT. I discovered Bandori in 2020 February through a YouTuber called "Obscure Crystal". The first card ive ever seen I believe was "Something to believe in" which is the reason I really love that card! At the moment Hello, Happy World is my favorite band but Afterglow is still a really awesome band! I honestly love both bands the same but Hello, Happy stories are much more enjoyable to read!

Cards I'm saving for!

Every. Single. Misaki. 4☆

Nanami 4☆ Moca: The One Next to Me

Touko: Unexpected BOOM

Himari: Aspiring Self

Also Himari: Red Bean Soup Party ♪

Also Also Himari: Sights Set High

Arisa: Devotedly Shy☆

Kaoru: Fleeting Performance

Hagumi: Blooming Smile

Also Hagumi: Matching with Himari

Eve: The Stage of My Dreams

Also Eve: This is my Bushido!

Honestly, I could go on forever but I think I'll stop

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