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hello, welcome to my profile! ♡ my name's vivi and bandori has been helping me so much for the past months, i'm really grateful for having it in my life. ♡

  • I love bandori, revue starlight, zombieland saga, love live as well as k-pop girlgroups (lovelyz, loona, twice ♡).

  • best girls are all of pasupare, tsugu, tae and kanon. my true love is eve ♡

  • otps are sayotsugu, evetsugu, evemaya, ayachisa, ayahina, kanochisa, aritae, kanomisa, mocatsugu. ♡

  • i love all seiyuus a lot but especially mimorin, aimi, mikku, koroazu, meguchi, aiai, amita, ayasa, saechi, ayaneru and kudoharu. ♡

  • i have a thing for keyboardists apparently.

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