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(previously salted.candy)

Hello! My name is Mia, I’m a görl, and I have a crush on like 70% of the girls in bandori. I’ve been playing since about August 2019 but still can’t beat most lvl 26 songs. I like to draw art for my fandoms and watch anime all day. I’m a stupid head and as sensitive as Kanon, so please be nice to me! “^^

Useless irrelevant trivia!

  • Despite my addiction to the game, bang dream isn’t my favorite anime, 1st place belongs to toilet bound hanako kun (but the manga is better so go read it)
  • I also rlly love another and blend s but I’ve seen many more
  • I double as a Vocaloid fan! (Cough step on me Luka)
  • I’m really shy and really awkward but I love talking to people
  • Spiders are my least favorite thing, excluding Tsuchigomori from tbhk
  • My favorite ships are misakoko, mocaran, rinako, yukilisa, ayamaya, evemaya, kaochisa, tomohima, kasuari, and taesaya (dunno if that’s its real name but it is now)
  • I’m bi, but dangerously close to lesbian
  • My fav Vocaloid producers are Niru Kajitsu (miy_yuu’s covers are bops), GHOST, and Kairiki Bear! And my favorite Vocaloids are Luka, Miku, Rin (not Vocaloids any more but), Hime, Oliver, Gumi, Una, and Piko! (totally not a trap bias)
  • Maya and Arisa are actually tied for first place as best girl👉👈 Outside of them, 2nd best girl is always changing
  • Stan Mitsuba Sousuke and Hideri Kanzaki or I’ll steal your teeth
  • traps. that’s it.


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