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I'm "Risa" but you can call me "Sukipp" or whatever you feel like. I've been playing for a few months now and I'm semi-confident in my skills? Not luck though, I have absolutely none. (lol)

If you wanna see my full comboed songs I've added them. It's nothing too impressive, though. :3

I'm currently taking a break--don't know when I will be back.

I love all the girls but I've been playing long enough to know my favorites...

PoPiPa: Saya>Tae>Kasumi>Arisa=Rimi

Roselia: Lisa>Ako>Rinko>Sayo>Yukina

Afterglow Himari>Tomoe=Tsugu=Ran>Moca

HaroHappi: Misaki>Kokoro>Kanon=Kaoru=Hagumi

PasuPare: Hina>Maya>Aya>Eve>Chisato

(Afterglow best band btw) Image

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