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September 26, 2018 18:26:52 +0000 (UTC)


Ok guys, Its theory time!


The last Garupa Pico episode was released today, and they did lots of callbacks to previous episodes, but one that caught most people's attention were afterglow's. There, we could see Tsugu in a Pastel Palettes outfit, which makes her the 6th member of Pasu pare (now bushido dad has another daughter huhehe). But there's also another thing, and that is Babanbo-sama, who looks like he's also a member of afterglow, behind Ran, looking over her, almost like she was possessed or something. And that left me thinking.


The Hey-Day event is traslated officially to "The 6th Afterglow", however, it was known for a long time as "The 6th member of Afterglow", and Babanbo-sama looks like a member of afterglow, so it's safe to say that he's the 6th member of Afterglow. But wait, there's more. Judging by the event story, the suposed 6th member of Afterglow is most likely the ghost that is playing with them, but if the 6th member of Afterglow is Babanbo-sama, this can only mean one thing:

The ghost that was haunting Afetrglow during the event story, is actually Babanbo-sama.

But hey! That's just a theory, a Bandori Theory. Thanks for reading!