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June 03, 2023 21:34:07 +0000 (UTC)

hello fellow bandoripartians! 

it’s been a while since i’ve posted here, sorry! i’ve just been...

hello fellow bandoripartians!

it’s been a while since i’ve posted here, sorry! i’ve just been very busy as of late— i recently graduated high school! yay for me!

but i wanted to stop in and make a pride post to celebrate— my apologies, this is actually more of a text post than a graphic edit, but, alas.

i just wanna talk about rimi i guess, specifically about why trans girl rimi is so special to me. when i first started playing bandori, OVER 2 years ago, i liked popipa from the very beginning, and i still do.

i immediately gravitated most to rimi, and after getting more caught up on the lore, my little brain decided “yep. trans her” so i did, and i’ve just been pondering it since.

in my little head, i’ve decided that from the beginning of the bandori story (which i believe is their first year of high school?) rimi was very new in her transition, but she fell in easily with the rest of popipa (& the other bands later) because of how open minded they all were.

none of popipa was rude or cruel to her despite her trans ness being rather foreign to them. they just included her without a word about it. this helped to boost her confidence, and continues to do so over the course of the bandori story— my only real “evidence” for this lil HC of mine is that a lot of rimi’s older casual-outfit cards have some … interesting fashion choices, which is very common with people who are new to dressing as the correct gender— they arent sure what will look good on them, or what will look good together.

and as the bandori story goes on, rimi just gets more into the feel of being herself. in my head, it’s just a little b plot to the overarching story, but its honestly one of my favourite things to ponder.

happy pride my silly gooses!!!! i hope u enjoyed trans rimi rambles :3