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May 12, 2022 18:28:52 +0000 (UTC)


Hello, it's Mo(d)yu here! Just a quick reminder for everyone!

Please don't post fanart that isn't yours in your activity posts without linking back to the original!

This would be a link to the artist's original work on Pixiv, Twitter or wherever they may have uploaded it. Please refrain from using Pinterest, Zerochan, etc. as links back as they aren't links to the original artist's upload!

With fanart, we include the character designer of Bandori, Canvas's Twitter works, which includes the ones done for birthdays. Unless it's an official piece of art made for Bandori such as for merch or drawn for the official Bandori accounts, it is still fanart.

If you don't know where the original work came from, try to reverse image search it to find the original link. If not, please refrain from posting it.

In addition, any posts with uncredited fanart that have been reported will be deleted. We would appreciate if in reports, you included links back to the original in the report messages in order to ensure we know they were made by someone else.