August 15, 2018 22:52:45 +0000 (UTC)


I saw this being done before so I decided to randomly show my sister the Bandori characters so this blog is based on their looks

My sister know I like to play Bandori a lot so she agree to answer this lol so here we go

Keep in mind she is 8 years old and know nothing mush about the game


Poppin Party :

  • Kasumi : Energitic and like to dance

  • Rimi : Cute and kind

  • Saya : Is she going to get married ? (I put the wedding costume on her)

  • Arisa : Like to go to All types of festivals

  • Tae : Always angry and like nothing


  • Ran : Love music and playing with the guitar (She saw pictures of her In my phone holding the guitar)

  • Himari : Sometimes energitic sometimes shy

  • Tsugumi : Always help her band members when it need

  • Tomoe : Propobly like swimming

  • Moca : Like to listen to music but hate singing

Pastel Palette:

  • Aya : The best candy seller in the market

  • Chisato : Rich and like money a lot

  • Eve : Like to travel in all mean of transportation possible

  • Maya : A professional Athlete

  • Hina : Always happy and like to put make up on

Roselia :

  • Yukina : Sometimes angry sometimes happy

  • Sayo : Love to do adventures

  • Ako : Like cute things and animals

  • Rinko : Propobly the shyest in bandori (I told her the game name and she memorize it)

  • Lisa : A Very Talkative person

Hello Happy World :

  • Kokoro : Happy , energitic and never give up also best girl

  • Hagumi : Always listen to what the leader (Kokoro) say

  • Misaki : always bored , would like to quit the band if she could also propobly hate the leader (Kokoro)

  • Kaoru: Narcissistic and love fashion

  • Kanon : Shopholic and the most normal person in her band


You can propobly figure out my sister favorite band lol

Also it's ironic how her favorite band is my least favorite same with best girl (Kokoro is one of my least favorites in the game)