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April 05, 2021 14:48:14 +0000 (UTC)

Craft Egg keeps doing this. They keep giving me everything I want and more

This here? This here...

Craft Egg keeps doing this. They keep giving me everything I want and more

This here? This here is everything. Arisa isn’t usually the type of shy girl who has like, protagonist energy, and by that I mean she doesn’t tend to get moments like that time Rinko absolutely lost it at Yukina in Neo-Aspect for daring to hurt her best friend, or when Rinko raised her voice and shouted “I can play the keyboard!” The type of shy girl who breaks out of her shell and unleashes her power at important moments and leaves everyone reeling, who will heckin bare her teeth jumping to someone else’s defence. Arisa is much more comfortable showing her support behind the scenes and she’s always hesitating before she commits to something scary and I love that about her. I’ve always loved that she didn’t need that brilliant shining heroism to show her breaking out of her shell bc it was and is a more gradual process for her, which is incredibly realistic, and she’s fine just the way she is. But I did wonder if she’d ever get a moment to shine like that—she has it in her and I could see it happening if she was ever put in a situation that warranted it—and Craft Egg delivered

I’m probably reading too much into this and it’s gonna turn out not to be that big a deal story-wise but I’M EMOTIONAL OK

And Kasumi crying? Arisa being the one supporting her this time round? Yes. YES

Though I have to admit my feral shipping brain immediately leapt to ZEAL of proud’s lyrics when I heard Arisa’s line, “Because Kasumi was here, we are here. We are here now as PoPiPa!” and UGH. I went on about how Yukina could inspire Arisa to take action instead of hesitate in that one post and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY HEART CANNOT I’m sorry but that’s where my brain went

Also. Did I watch the whole stream bc they played the entirety of BS2 with the seiyuu reacting to it? Maybe. GOD I HADN’T READ IT IN SO LONG I FORGOT HOW MUCH IT HURT

Ok I will shut up now I love you Arisa