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February 08, 2021 15:21:51 +0000 (UTC)



After a long search, I eventually found an answer to my question, I eventually found happiness OwO

This is cute baby Krishna


I'm not a preacher. The truth is that he is happiness and surely, happiness we all have been looking for OwO

Krishna Krishna

Radhe Radhe

Happy Happy

I'm gonna make this activity my diary OwO

Do you think it is interesting owo?

Because I'm not able to find some of my old activities anymore, so I can do it this way owo

Last year, when I was able to look back my old activities, it's funny to do so OwO

This is an image of my folder which I used to store stuff to make activities OwO


It was about 3.5 GB

But my photoshop was crashed (I cannot add text to images directly anymore), so it's hard make more meme OwO. Then school trouble came to me like a flood...

If you wanna to know, I'll tell you about my drawing skill tomorrow OwO

Hello Happy!

How are you?

I'm fine. I wanna write something to you but I'm very shy (like Rin-rin) and I'm not confident with my English writing skill OwO. And I was busy and drowning in school stuff last year uwu. And I dunno what to write.




I still dunno what to write OwO. Because I dunno whether you guy wanna read them. I hope these are not symptoms of mental illness.

However, I must tell that you all are my great friends, thank you! I feel ashamed of not having created activities for a long time.

Finally, Happy Lucky Smile Yay~!

Happy Lunar New Year, too

Should I make this activity my diary? OwO

When I have a little bit of confident, I'll be back to writing some of my stories OwO