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May 01, 2018 21:15:34 +0000 (UTC)


So, I just finished reading "A Tanzaku Wish to the Stars" event story and even though I really loved how they showed us how Sayo and Hina became more close I also felt a little angry because Sayo was the only one of them that recognize she was putting her jealousy first in her relationship with Hina, the one that saw all her wrong doings...... But Hina didn't even though about what she could have do wrong to have her sister (her TWIN sister) act like that towards her. I know she is clumsy and stuff but if my brother starts out of the blue acting so cold and even going to the extent of shouting I would at least ask or look for what I did wrong. I felt the story made Sayo the bad girl and leave Hina to be the angel that did nothing wrong, when BOTH of them are at fault for how much they distanced themselves from one another, Hina for not noticing how her (unconsciously or not) actions affected her sister, and for not looking for answers of Sayos' actions towards her, and Sayo for not expressing her feelings to Hina and instead bottling them up and just snapping at her, and also for giving in to her jealousy and distancing herself from Hina.

PLEASE do NOT think I hate Hina, she is really cute and I like her, this was just how I was feeling about how this story worked out in the end.

#Unpopular Opinion