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September 14, 2020 12:09:10 +0000 (UTC)


    I'm doing this too but instead of 31 days i might just go with how...


I'm doing this too but instead of 31 days i might just go with how many likes this gets because I don't have the patience and waiting just to write some words on a site

Edit: basically even if you don't like I will still finish it for the only reason that I know this won't get more likes

1: My favorite of all time is Tomoe! ( Who would've thought ), but my best girl rankings goes like this:


If I can't make ties, then Tae is 5th and Rimi 6th

2: Moca and Hina are the characters I just can't stand ( Moca i'm sorry you know it already... ) or even tho I actually relate to her a bit, can't seem to get myself to like her a bit more, and also her development isn't much ( Hina ). Now more than 3000 Moca stans and 1800 Hina stans can go get me

3: Reminder that all bands are valid and Monfornica and RAS won't be here because EN player:


4: ( Love them all no matter what ): Rimi=Tae>Arisa=Saaya>Kasumeme

5: ( Love them all, even that one, ok ok I'LL STOP ): Tomoe>Himari>Ran=Tsugumi>Moca

6: Hagumeme>Kokoro>Kaoru>Kanon>Misaki

( #Bear rights for Michelle she's the TOP )

7: Eve>Cheesato>Maya>Aya>Hina

8: Sayo=Rinkek>Ako=Lisa>furry- I mean Yukina

These are temporary rankings!!!!

9: Mashiro>Nanami>Touko>Tsukishisjjsjsjsj how do you write this>Rui

10: Rokka>Rei=Reona>Masuki>Chu chu train pika chu chu train XD meme





12: With Afterglow it's hard... Almost all original songs are total bangers, but Istumodori brand new days it's probably the best one

13: HAPPINESS HAPPY MAGICALU♪~~, it's my favorite song!!

14: SURVIVOR never give up! Tho Pep meets step ( I can't remember the original title ) and gyuu days are also amazing

15: R or Legendary ( not english version ), and yes I love legendary, but also ngl BRAVE JEWEL is a banger-

16: Don't know enough to talk about it

17: For now it's UNSTOPPABLE, I have listened to HELL! or HELL?, but I just can't seem to like it....

18: Cherry bomb is amazing, it has everything you want from a song and a fun beatmap I would play everyday, oh and that infamous hard beatmap ( or is it just for me? ) But amazing cover Kimi ja nayka dame mitai

19: That's also hard... But I love Imagination, Aoi shiroi and recently Scenario of love ( that cover is so cool, oh and also fun beatmap ), my favorite will always be imagination tho

20: Love trial!!! Amazing cover, and also a 25 I can actually complete yey


22: Soul's refrain, too bad I don't like a lot any cover they did later on... Expect for Kimi no Kioku and not because it's Persona

23: can't say anything about this

24: the frist cover that they out of RAS in game is so amazing, but don't remember the name, it's probably going to stay my favorite

25: Choco cornet recipe and Don't be afraid ( yes I like glitter green too, that band seriously needs more recognition ) are amazing my dudes.

26: So... I can't show images because I'm bad at posting images more than one time here, so I'll just say the names and stuff:

Chisato- "My confidante", trained

Eve- "Still got to learn" ( if I got that wrong, then just think of the awakened idol gacha Eve 4* ), trained

Tomoe- "Walk down memory lane", untrained

Himari- "We're here!", Trained ( and untrained )

Unironically, this are my best girls, and I have all of these cards but ... IT'S NOT MY FAULT I GET IN LOVE WITH THEM AT FRIST SIGHT,,,

( Expect for Tomoe since I actually planned to save for her, I did, and I got her! )

27: again, just telling the names:

Tae- "The long awaited MC", trained ( + my favorite costume of Tae, luckly I got her when I frist started out!! )

Rimi, "party prep", untrained

Maya "moved into tears" and Eve "Bouquet of sincerity", trained

So, does someone remember the event card for the Pijama patient Tomoe event? So there's Hagumi here, but it's not my favorite because of the artwork, IT'S BECAUSE SHE HUGS A MICHELLE TEDDY BEAR MY HEART IS MELTING HSHSJSJJSJW, tho I like both trained and untrained

Speaking of event cards, Tomoe's cycling seasons, fresh skies event card and Eve's winter sky marché event card are amazing

and speaking of Winter sky marché, Chisato's 3 star card holds the record as the best 3* of her and her best costume ever ( alongside my confidante, I just love that card ... )

28: Stand by you!, the mole transport mission and cycling seasons, fresh skies are my favorite events, the frist because it's the first time I actually wanted save and tier for something, and not only got the card I wanted, I got 158 on the event, which might be the frist and last time I will tier this high, the mole transport mission was my frist top 10000 and cycling seasons, fresh skies is basically the the frist event I actually decided to tier on, got 13000 or something like that

29: Call me biased but I'm basically Tomohima's child with their worst traits, and Aya, Hina, Hagumeme, Maya and Cheesato I guess I also relate to them

30: I like how this is the frist game I don't really suck to and didn't give up in 30 minutes of playing

31: So If you don't know, in the past in my feed there were ALWAYS nendoroids, so everyday I would check what nendoroids have been released/being rerunned. And then I see Sayo nendoroid, IT WAS SO CUTE??? I think I actually saw another bang dream nendoroid before that I fell in love with ( and it was Saaya's nendoroid ), but with Sayo's I finally decided to download bang dream and now I'm stuck in a endless loop of Tomoe sjw content please help