July 21, 2018 16:12:13 +0000 (UTC)


RICH YUNG CHI$ATO is almost here in 9 hours but i’m having second thoughts fam

i scouted impulsively and totally blew all of my stars, so i made a fresh account and thanks to not using any gacha, i’m at about 9k stars atm

but the thing is... i think i really like saving stars actually? i want to wait until the first dreamfes to do my first gacha since it will have aya and eve, and with the boosted 4* rate i could even end up getting chisato

plus, four events after this pastels one, there will be just a totally free 3* chisato available to everybody. i wouldn’t even have to spend a single star y’all. idk if trying to get her now is actually a good idea when i think about it lmao

maybe im not really about it after all fam, i mean, i’ve already turned from fleeting deleting days. and plus, im scared that i’ll read afterglow’s band story and end up liking some of them more than chisato... as blasphemous as that mgiht be