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February 14, 2020 00:57:20 +0000 (UTC)


Dear HHW,

Your band never ever failed to make me smile! Your music is always so happy and cheery and I truly love that! But it's not just the music itself, it's also the band members as well!

I love how energetic Kokoro and Hagumi are, I've always enjoyed watching them, and even their voices make me feel really happy, they have such happy, high-pitched, and fun voices! I love how they are enthusiastic, to even some of the most dangerous activities!

I love how Kaoru never fails to be Hakanai, she even makes people faint with her fleeting beauty! Her deep voice has such a charm to it. Kaoru has always been the prince and will always be the prince!

Misaki, you can do so many things that I couldn't. I admire your patience as well! You always manage to deal with being thought as different from michelle, and if that were me, i'd probably start yelling each time (I'm really impatient)

Kanon, I love how you are so understanding, and really brave (Like, touching a jellyfish). You are so kind to everyone. I think you're absolutely adorable!

HHW, Thank you for being the happy band you are! You'll never fail to make the whole world smile!

From Sumi (FleetingKaoru of BanPa)