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September 15, 2019 11:14:26 +0000 (UTC)

So yesterday, I was reminded of a story that I wanted to tell a long time ago but never did. So I'm...

So yesterday, I was reminded of a story that I wanted to tell a long time ago but never did. So I'm gonna tell it today. I have no clue when that screenshot was taken but I used it to explain what happened on 26th Sep, last year, so chances are it was that day. What it is, is the slide + swipe just before the chorus/fever in EXPERT 1000 Crying Skies. I also have no clue what the speed of this is, either 7.0, 7.5 or 8.0. Reminder that this was taken on my old phone:

...and there's a bad size comparison/how I held my phone while playing, minus the left hand. (Wouldn't be surprised if my hands were a bit smaller back then.) Yeah, I played Garupa for 9 months on a broken screen. I wanted to talk about that too, actually...

Hand reveal.

Let me set the scene. This was around the time where I'd got into playing (and FC'ing) 26s, and I was playing all the 26s to, at the very least, clear them. It was the first time I played EXPERT 1000-kai Urunda Sora and, up to this point, I hadn't dropped the combo. For whatever the reason I had for doing this (probably no prior beatmap knowledge), I held the slide with my right thumb and the very millisecond I did, I thought "Oh, I've messed up!". As you see, the slide goes from the right to the very left, but there's a swipe on the very right at the end, and my right thumb's stuck in the slide.

So what did I do? As my right thumb continued to move left, I (probably instinctively) stretched my left thumb underneath my right, mirroring the speed of the slide to the right side and swiped up (probably a bit diagonally) as I released the right thumb, as the song goes. You can probably guess what I'm gonna say next. I kept the combo. I was absolutely shocked that I did that, super over the moon.

I then proceeded to drop combo later on and couldn't FC it for 5 months or something but I have now so doesn't matter...

I was originally going to tell this story alongside a question. I think you can tell why I didn't want to.