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July 28, 2019 08:21:34 +0000 (UTC)


My 300 followers celebration

3rd post

Dear CallieCornet, OwO

As you asked, I make a post about my real life uwu

I wake up in the morning everyday. Then I go to school by bicycle or my friends will drive me. Then I come back to home for lunch. After that, I have a mini nap uwu. Then I get up and play with myself (at that time, I'm skipping my classes 'cause I prefer skipping and classes are not compulsory). Then, I take a shower, and have my dinner (I rarely eat too late). In the evening, I play with my computer, read ebook, listen to music, watch TV... (I think I have forgot studying). I go to bed at night (one third of my life is sleeping & I love sleeping so much)

I play bandori every 5 hrs (when I don't sleep) OwO

About my food, I usually eat rice. About my drink, I love water.

I'm not a fan of my school & I love learning and exploring everything by myself.

That is my real life. It's just simple and normal. OwO