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June 14, 2019 17:52:55 +0000 (UTC)


Happy Pride month here are some HCs for the gals!!!

  • Kasumi is trans feminine and bi!
  • Arisa is bi!
  • Rimi is pan!
  • Saaya is a lesbian!
  • Tae is nonbinary and bi-ace!
  • Ran is a nonbinary lesbian!
  • Tsugu is trans feminine and bi!
  • Tomoe is an enby feminine leaning bi!
  • Moca said ace lesbian rights!
  • Himari is a demigirl lesbian!
  • Aya is pan but leans towards feminine people!
  • Maya is nonbinary and gay!
  • Eve is a lesbian!
  • Hina is a trans bi gal!
  • Chisato is aroace!
  • Lisa, Yukina, and Sayo are all poly lesbians! Sayo + Lisa are trans gals while Yukina is nonbinary!
  • Ako is a smol bi force of chaos! (worm)
  • Rinko is ace and pan!
  • Kaoru is trans feminine and bi!
  • Kokoro is an energetic aroace!
  • Hagumi is nonbinary and nblw!
  • Misaki is a genderfluid poly bi!
  • And lastly Kanon is a trans gal whos aroace and qpps with Chisato!
  • (Cringe culture is dead and these are just for fun so pls dont go starting "ship wars" or political nonsense in the comments im beggin yall)