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June 10, 2019 16:42:42 +0000 (UTC)


so i love all of you guys' pride month posts and they're all great and supportive, buuuut making a post myself still is pretty scary to me. I'm basically Everything that "isn't real", i'm bi, nonbinary, and most likely somewhere on the ace spectrum so yeah, that's not exactly fun sometimes (and no one likes ace discourse).

I'm fine with being bi since that's ofc the most accepted part of me and being aspec is great because i'm not and won't be in a relationship anytime soon (if that changes i might be screwed but oh well), I just wish i could be cis, or at least have a binary gender u know. I mean I'm actually quite comfortable with that part of myself, but it's painfully obvious that not many other people are because i'm not real and dont deserve the same rights as girls or boys, obviously

For example, a while ago youtube recommended me a documentation about someone who's nb and basically just talked about it for a bit in an educational way. i was already scared of the comments before i clicked on it, and as soon as i scrolled down every top comment was about how we just want attention and think we're so special yada yada, the usual (OF COURSE we want attention, we arent getting any at all) - and that kinda thing makes me so sad and uncomfortable being myself. i wish i could just be normal but thats how it is on this bitch of an earth right

anyways, i didnt wanna complain and annoy anyone so!! happy pride month!!